ALICE – Hannigtons Estate – Brighton

Ollystudio was approached by Redevco to curate the art for the Hannigtons Estate project in Brighton. The project is situated in the heart of Brighton’s historic shopping lanes, and works with an ethos that holds true to the historic characteristics of the area. Ollystudio has expressed the historic place that Brighton has in the UK’s street art scene, this striving to be recognised in the project. Working with local artist Eelus, Brighton’s history was brought into play with his site specific piece ‘Alice’, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, whose creator Lewis Carroll summered in Brighton. Eelus recreated the scene from the book in the White Rabbit’s house, cleverly positioning the growing Alice around the window in the middle of the wall. Further characterisations from the book will be added around the new project over a period of time; not all will be being so strikingly obvious, but will still create a narrative of discovery for the visitors. Photo credit for image 7 – Eelus