Altered States

Post Brexit Urban Contemporary 2017

This exhibition curated by Olly Walker showcased works by eight urban contemporary artists based in the UK.

In the changing world of Europe post the Brexit vote we are in a state of uncertainty and flux as a nation and as a unified Europe. Britain has long been home for many people from many countries working in many professions, not least in the arts. Art represents and reflects transition and transformation. Ideas and emotions transform from impulses to images, substances are transformed when rendered on surfaces – liquids become solids and colours merge. Similarly, artists find themselves living within a society that is constantly changing and presenting them with new challenges and opportunities.

The UK is home to a community of diverse artists. Some were born in the UK and others were drawn to it; but all continue to explore artistic ideas as the nation evolves. Altered States showcased the output of a selection of British-based urban contemporary artists working today whose creative lives, in consequence, may never be the same.

The eight artists featured in Altered States were: D.A.N.T.E., David Shillinglaw, Florence Blanchard, Kid Acne, Lily Mixe, Sr.X and Victoria Villasana.