Berlin based Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art hosted the exhibition entitled Cut It Out!, an international group show dedicated to the art of the stencil. Olly Walker, author and curator assisted by art photographer Henrik Haven were invited to curate the urban art show organised by Urban Nation director Yasha Young. Cut It Out! brought together the best and emerging artists that are working with stencil techniques as part of Urban Nation’s ongoing educational and archival series about art in the urban environment. The Cut It Out! Group show at was not just about seeing the finished artworks by the artists involved; it is was an opportunity to discover some of the history of stencilling while also being able to witness live work on walls, streets and vans and learning about the tools of the trade through being able to watch artists in action along with exploring images, tools and materials lent to the exhibition by the artists. Cut It Out! invited schools, journalists, colleges and the public to explore the journey that stencil art has made, what it has evolved into and how it may progress in the future.