Guerilla Art 10th Anniversary (The British Museum)

On January 18th 2019, Art on the Streets in association with Ollystudio celebrated the pioneering the Guerilla Art books 10th Anniversary at The British Museum – as part of Ian Hislop’s Search for Dissent programme. Talks and a panel discussion were organized and hosted through AOTS, with Ben Eine, Pure Evil and Sebastian Peiter. The book has long sold out, the film was never on general release and some of the artists are sadly not with us anymore so to have this special screening at the British Museum was a total sell out. Revisiting moments in time tends to focus the mind and accentuate the present, having the opportunity to discuss the change in the street art movement over the last ten years gives us the chance to appreciate the hard work invested in the movement by artists and public alike to its acceptance and understanding.

Guerilla Art book