In 2014, OllyStudio was asked by David Ellis to help create Made Corrections – a prison-based street art intervention for young offenders that continues to have an international impact. Ollystudio facilitated and curated this unique street art experience, and created the name, identity, website and other forms of communications for the project – a collaboration with the Kaunas Correctional and Interrogation Facility, Lithuania. Made Corrections provided an opportunity for street artists to interact with the young inmates, crossing the boundaries of freedom and captivity, changing lives inside and out. 39 giant posters of inmates – supplied to us as part of JR’s “Inside Out” project – were pasted high and proud, not only on the abandoned Police station in the city of Kaunas but more significantly on the inside walls of the facility. Leading Lithuanian street artists Ernest Zacharevic, Tadas Symcas and Zygimantas Vilkas Amelynas also created works of art on the walls in the prison and mirrored these works within the city of Kaunas on selected walls. Made Corrections received an award from the Head of Lithuanian Prisons.