Mode 2 “Never to Late“

Mode 2 blazed a trail for European graffiti in the 1980s with his crew The Chrome Angelz. Mode 2’s painting and drawings now examine subjects ranging from social causes to house parties and erotica. This eminently collectible Never Too Late features archive photography, sketches, gallery pieces and inspirational incidental imagery.

“If you haven’t tried to do it for a certain amount of time, you just will not be able to fully grasp its principles; at least not to the level where you can have the pretension to make assumptions about it. Ours is a “hands on” culture by definition, and, up until today, this whole spectrum of shape and tone and rhythm still eludes definition by those from outside of it; not that we wish to be exclusive, as communication and the act of giving are an essential part of our form of expression”.

Designed by Ollystudio. Published by Lazarides Gallery, print management by Essential Print Management